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The llama in the road



lama  བླ་མ་ (bla-ma) meaning guru, teacher, mentor

Jeremy Corbyn’s indisputably  large following among the party membership regard him as a sincere, principled lama who has spent years in the political wilderness for his sincerity. This, I agree with, particularly in contrast with the Bullingdon boys in their smooth body suits – @caitlinmoran‘s “ham robots” was obvious.

A significant proportion of Labour MPs, on the other hand, see Corbyn as a llama in the road. This domesticated pack animal native to the thin air of endless opposition and high principles has sat down in the middle of the road and isn’t moving.


The urge to turn this into a story, something like Borgen, where principles and commitment break the mould and everything gets SORTED is strong, I’m a writer after all. But being a responsible adult I have to wait like the rest of us, for a messy clash of idealism and pragmatic political realism to work out.

Yup. Messy. Stories are much neater.